Salomon has update the latest Speedcross’s profile to more iconic, light weight and aggressive.

Weight: 281G (Size UK 5.5) 313G (Size UK 8.5)
Upper: Feather Construction, Anti-Debris Mesh, Water Resistant Textile, Mud Guard, Sensifit™, Lace Pocket, Quicklace
Sole Outsole: Mud & Snow Non-Marking Contagrip®, Non Marking Running Construction Contagrip®
Chassis: Light Weight Muscle
Sockliner: Ortholite®
Midsole: Molded EVA Injected EVA

The Speedcross 3 is unleased…

When design engineers and technicians are detailed by those upstairs in companies to develop a new product they must rub their hands in glee. When they are told to update a successful product they need to tread that fine line between pushing envelopes and exercising caution. Such must have been the case when the team at Salomon took a look at the Speed Cross 2.

The second incarnation of the Speed Cross line of trail shoes is a bit of a Salomon (and sector for that matter) classic. Worn by runners of all standards and on all terrains, its comfort is renowned and the quality and build is truly a benchmark in running shoe manufacturing.

So, when it came to ‘update time’ and the Speed Cross 3, where did they start?

  • The stability post is removed. There have been questions on the reasoning behind this, because a stability / medial post does exactly that, which is what you need on uneven ground, right? Well not exactly. On a road shoe, where the only uneven terrain a pavement-pounder might encounter is a camber or curb, this will work well for an over-pronator. But on uneven trails it has been seen in recent times that to have a lower profile shoe with little in the way of ‘control’ is actually more beneficial, and helps the runner feel their way in a more natural way.
  • A lower profile. The heel>forefoot drop is reduced by up to 50% on this shoe, meaning that the runner is lower to the ground and will hopefully gain a much more controlled ride. The heel is also wider on the sole area, giving a greater contact surface which is altogether more stable.
  • The midsole is now from a material Salomon are calling LT Muscle. This lightweight foam is more pliable and appears to be more absorbent and also saves a little more weight without compromising control and comfort.
  • The sole is has a deeper more aggressive chevron design increasing grip still further.
  • The toe box area is almost boxed in now, with a hard-wearing pvc covering, giving greater protection for those rockier areas of your run.
  • The Quicklace slider is reduced in size, and so is the ‘garage’ pocket, meaning that weight is down and the stowage is now more compact.

These are just some of the highlights of this ‘new shoe’, and after over a thousand km of testing, and trail-abuse I can only say that those technicians who walked the line did so in brilliant way.

I love these shoes. And I am not alone. Testers in the US (Adam Chase) and Germany (Gripmaster) have also been blown away. These guys are not always easily impressed, but like me they have hardly had these shoes off their feet in the last 6 months.

All of the SC3 updates work, and work damn well. The biggest improvement for me being the ride, which with the lower profile feels more positive that the SC2.

I have blasted trails, mountains, riverside paths and fire roads in these shoes almost to the point of destruction in areas, and after close on 1100 kms now the grip on the sole is beginning to give up the ghost a little – though the comfort just gets better and better!

So much so have I been wearing these shoes that I am onto my second pair (!), which are a full production pair just like the ones available in store, in many UK retailers now.

Review by Matt Ward.